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NYPD Kill Man by Placing him in Chokehold and Slamming Face to Sidewalk (R.I.P July 17, 2014)  


Drake vs Blake Griffin ft Chris Brown: ESPYs Awards 2014 Skit Video | Comedy Sketch  


35 Disney Workers Busted in Kid-Sex Crimes Since ’06

CNN investigation also looks at Universal Studios, SeaWorld

                                                                     Before that next family vacation to a Disney theme park, consider this: Since 2006, at least 35 Disney employees have been arrested and accused of crimes involving children and sex. Those include sex crimes involving children, attempting to meet minors for sex, and possessing child pornography, a CNN investigation reveals. None of the cases involved minors who were actually visiting the theme parks, but two of the child porn cases took place on Disney property. The network’s six-month investigation (which appears to have been focused on Florida theme parks) also found that five Universal Studios employees and two SeaWorld employees have also been arrested on similar accusations.   Read on
By Evann Gastaldo,  Newser Staff

Abandoned Baby’s Mom Found at Starbucks

Woman pushed stroller onto platform, got back on NYC subway, say witnesses

By Rob Quinn, Newser Staff

A 20-year-old mother who allegedly abandoned her baby girl at one of New York City’s busiest subway stations is in custody, says the NYPD. NBC New York reports that police were given the heads up by a citizen who saw the woman at a Starbucks around 12:30am today—roughly 12 hours after witnesses say she pushed the 6- or 7-month-old in her red and white stroller off the train onto the platform at Columbus Circle, then hopped back on the train alone before the doors closed.

A woman who saw the unattended baby in her stroller waited for 20 minutes for somebody to return and then alerted authorities, the New York Daily News reports.

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Attention Moms Who Don’t Want Their babies: There are places you can drop off your babies which are safe. You don’t leave your baby in a crowded subway station.

Nationwide Safe Haven Laws:

Now nationwide, all 50 states have safe haven laws, with Alaska and Nebraska enacting their own safe haven laws in 2008. You should look at your own state’s Safe Haven Law for more details, as they do vary from state to state.

Safe Haven Law Basics:

In general, Safe Haven Laws allow a parent to anonymously leave an unwanted newborn baby in a safe place, such as a hospital, emergency medical services, police station, or fire station, and not have to worry about getting in trouble. The baby will then be given to the state’s child welfare department.

9 in 10 Messages NSA Spies on Aren’t From Targets

Agency is casting much wider net, Snowden messages show

By Polly Davis Doig, Newser Staff

Newser) – Still living in the dream world where the NSA only monitors foreign nationals located outside our fair borders? The Washington Post, armed with a four-month investigation and a vast trove of 160,000 intercepted messages courtesy of Edward Snowden, reveals that the spy agency in fact casts a much wider net. In fact, nine out of 10 of those messages came from non-targeted regular people who may have engaged in such risky behavior as sending an email in a foreign language, chatting with someone located outside the US, or, heaven help us, using a non-US proxy to live stream, say, World Cup or BBC coverage.

In all, some 900,000 people could have been spied on, the report estimates.

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In this Wednesday, June 18, 2014, booking photo released by the Stockton Police Department is Jeremy Meeks.   (AP Photo/Stockton Police Department)
Well, you knew this was coming: Jeremy Meeks, the dreamy criminal’s mugshot is making many people rethink their aversion to dating a felon, has landed a modeling contract. Hollywood talent agent Gina Rodriguez signed Meeks land yesterday she announced that he’s scored a contract with Blaze Models in LA, a tv station reported
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Buy some Bobby Brown Barbecue Sauce

Cops: 450-Pound Man Stashed Pot in Stomach Fat

Florida man was too big to wear seat belt

“Fat Boy’s” associates weren’t very creative when it came to handing out aliases.   (Volusia County Sheriff’s Office)
                                                                     A Florida man’s cunning plan to smuggle drugs in his ample stomach fat was foiled because he was too big to fasten his seat belt. Police say that after 450-pound suspect Christopher Mitchell—whose aliases include “Fat Boy” and “Biggie”—appeared nervous during a traffic stop, a drug-sniffing dog was called in and a search turned up 23 grams of marijuana stashed under rolls of fat, the Smoking Gun reports.
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R. Kelly’s teenage son Jay has been outed as trans, and some folks in the media don’t know how to handle it. Jay, who’s 14 years old, looks to have been outed by bloggers who picked up the news from his Facebook page. According to Atlanta Daily News, Jay’s mother, Andrea, has been supportive of his transition, but R. Kelly has yet to speak publicly on the matter. 


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©AP / Tracy Morgan
© AP / Tracy Morgan
Tracy Morgan’s mother banned from comedian’s hospital bedside


Tracy Morgan‘s estranged mother has taken aim at the comedian’s fiancee Megan Wollover after she was banned from visiting her famous son in hospital following his horrific car crash on Saturday.

The “30 Rock” star, who claimed in 2012 that he had not seen his mum Alicia Warden in 11 years, remains in critical condition after the limo bus he was travelling in was rear-ended by a truck, causing the luxury vehicle to flip over on a New Jersey highway.

He was airlifted to the nearby Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, where he has been receiving treatment for injuries including a broken leg, a broken nose and several broken ribs.

However, Warden claims she wasn’t even contacted by her future daughter-in-law and had to hear about the accident on TV.

She then tried to visit her son in hospital, but was turned away by Wollover and building security guards.

Warden returned on Sunday and was granted five minutes by Morgan‘s bedside, but she was not allowed to be alone with the comedian and now she has hit out at Wollover.

She tells TMZ, “All I wanted was for our family to be alone with him. I wanted to pray over him and couldn’t do that because so many people were in the room.”


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