Stop Looking For Excuses So Hillary Won’t Be The Next President

Clinton Addresses Email Brouhaha

Asks State to review, release communications from private account

Hillary Clinton’s personal email account may soon head for the public domain after all. Following news that a House committee on Benghazi would subpoena her emails, the former secretary of state tweeted yesterday, “I want the public to see my email. I asked State to release them. They said they will review them for release as soon as possible.” That won’t be instantaneous, says a State Department rep, who notes that “given the sheer volume of the document set, this review will take some time to complete.” Aides for Clinton, who exclusively used a personal email account while at the State Department, say she believed her emails would be collected as they were sent to government accounts, CNN reports. One adds “nine out of 10 emails that she sent over the course of her tenure went to the State Department.” Others, however, have criticized her use of personal email as having made government communications vulnerable to attackers, because, as an ACLU technology expert tells Wired, “although the American people

CaseClosed2: Hillary Clinton did not do anything wrong. She is a woman of integrity and wouldn’t do anything to risk losing the trust, respect  and  admiration of the American people and people all over the world.  She WILL Be America’s next president.

Bobbi Kristina Turns 22 Today Still In A Medically Induced Coma

Unhappy Birthday: Bobbi Kristina Brown Turns 22 As Medically Induced Coma Continues – Get The Latest On Her Health

On her 22nd birthday, Bobbi Kristina Brown would have been celebrating with family and friends. Sadly, she remains on life support after being found unresponsive in her bathtub just days before the anniversary of mother Whitney‘s death.

Permitted family members will surely be at the young singer’s side, showing their support as they pray for her recovery. But through the hardship, it’s been unclear who has Bobbi Kristina’s best interest at heart. Read on…

CaseClosed2: Happy Birthday Bobbi Kristina. Please wake up.

Woman Loses 800 Pounds

rosalesweight1,000-Pound Woman Who Falsely Confessed To Killing Nephew Loses 800 Pounds, Gets A New Start (Photos)

A 1,000-pound Texas woman, once called the “Half Ton Killer” after she falsely confessed to killing her nephew by rolling on top of him, now has a clear name, a smaller body and a desire to help others.

“I was alive but not living a life,” Houston resident Mayra Rosales said of her life before weight loss. In 2008, Rosales had so little desire to live that she confessed to killing her 2-year-old nephew by rolling on top of him and smothering him, even though it was her sister who actually killed her son when she threw a hairbrush at his head.

“I was dying. I don’t know if you had seen pictures before you could see it in my face. I had given up in life,” Rosales said. After her sister confessed to the murder and was sentenced to 15 years in prison, Rosales decided it was time to turn her life around and look after her sister’s children.Continue reading and check out the before and after pictures…..

Caseclosed2: Wow what an accomplishment and motivation for anyone who is trying to lose 20, 30, or 40 pounds.

Dog Lovers Did You Know?

Your Dog Forgot the Hug You Just Gave Him

Study finds animals have short short-term memory spans

When it comes to short-term memory, animals have very short ones indeed. A new meta-analysis examined more than 90 memory experiments carried out on 25 species encompassing birds, mammals, and bees. Researchers at Stockholm University and Brooklyn College found that for dogs, events are forgotten after about two minutes—and that’s on the long end of the spectrum. The average memory duration for all animals studied is 27 seconds, with chimps’ memory as short as 20 seconds; that’s a length of time that rats beat, reports the National Geographic. Humans subjected to similar studies have had no problem remembering a sample stimulus they had seen as many as two days prior. In fact, based on these findings, “we think humans’ ability to remember arbitrary events is unique,” one researcher says. Read on

Heads Could Be Transplanted In 2017

Surgeon: We Could Transplant Human Head in 2017

An Italian surgeon has outlined the procedure

By Elizabeth Armstrong Moore,  Newser Staff
  Italian surgeon Sergio Canavero said in 2013 that surgery to transplant a human head would be possible soon. Now he’s set to announce a project to do just that, via a keynote lecture at the American Academy of Neurological and Orthopaedic Surgeons annual conference this June. He sees the procedure as being possible as soon as 2017 and believes it should be pursued as a means of saving people with, say, multi-organ cancer, reports New Scientist. But the obstacles loom so large—spinal cord fusion among them—that most surgeons the magazine contacted dismissed the proposal altogether. “There is no evidence that the connectivity of cord and brain would lead to useful sentient or motor function,” a prominent surgeon said. But earlier this month, Canavero sketched out what he considers to be a viable procedure in Surgical Neurology International:

First he’d cool the head of the recipient and the body of the donor (he intends to use a brain-dead donor) to

No,People Understood

Giuliani: I’ve Been So Blunt Everyone Misunderstood Me

Ex-NYC mayor explains what he really meant in comments about the president

Rudy Giuilani is blunt. So blunt, in fact, that the ex-NYC mayor reportedly said last week that he doesn’t believe President Obama loves America (or you or me, for that matter). He got even more blunt a day later when he reminded the New York Times that Obama had a white mother and grandfather. And the blunt streak hit warp speed in yesterday’s opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal, in which he blames all this trademark bluntness for distracting from his real message. Which is mainly:

  • “My blunt language suggesting that the president doesn’t love America notwithstanding, I didn’t intend to question President Obama’s motives or the content of his heart. My intended focus really was the effect his words and his actions have on the morale of the country, and how that effect may damage his performance.”
  • Giuliani points out that American leaders’ past “best efforts” have included a “strong sense of optimism”—a trait he feels Obama lacks. He accuses the president of concentrating on negatives in a way that will “hamstring our success as a nation,” especially because the president has been “criticizing his country more than other presidents have done.”

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